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Ottawa Conference | The Chimo Hotel Ottawa Meeting Capacity Chart & Layouts

At the Chimo Hotel, Ottawa Conferences and Meetings are easy! Whether your meeting in Ottawa is for a large group of 250, or a smaller more intimate gathering, our staff will provide attend to every detail to make your meeting a success. Ideal for Ottawa Weddings, our 7100 sq feet of meeting space is also an excellent venue for Banquets, Board Meetings and Receptions. Below are the Chimo Hotel Ottawa Conference and Meeting capacities:

Conference Facilities

Room NameSize (L x W x H)Usable AreaReceptionTheatreClass RoomBanquetU-ShapeBoard RoomHollow Square
28' x 14' x 9'6" 392 30 24 12 20 15 15 15
28' x 14' x 9'6" 392 30 24 12 20 15 15 15
40' x 22'6" x 9'6" 904 75 70 40 60 30 30 36
28' x 19' x 9'6" 532 40 30 20 30 18 20 22
54' x 53' x 9'6" 2600 300 225 100 200 40 50 50
34' x 27' x 9'8" 918 75 60 40 50 25 30 30
30' x 27" x 9'8" 810 75 50 30 40 20 25 30

Meeting Facilities

Room NameSize (L x W x H)Usable AreaReceptionTheatreClass RoomBanquetU-ShapeBoard RoomHollow Square
Boardroom 203
14' x 11' x 7'8" 154 15 12 10 10
Boardroom 204
21' x 11' x 7'8" 231 20 15 12 12
Boardroom 206
14' x 11' x 7'8" 154 15 12 10 10

Plan your Ottawa Conference or Meeting in Ottawa at the Chimo Hotel. For more information you may request information via our Online Request for Meeting Space or call our Sales Department at 613-842-5632 or 1-800-387-9779.

To choose the seating arrangement for your Ottawa Conference or Meeting, here is a guide to meeting room layouts

Receptions for large groups of people should be organized in a way that minimizes annoying line-ups and crowding. Several "stations" are highly advisable. For a large reception in a large room, where three or four bars may be set up try to indicate the locations of the bars with signs; otherwise, people may crowd the one nearest the door, leaving the others virtually unused.

Theatre Style, with chair rows only. A pronounced arc or semi-circle effect can make your audience feel closer to the speaker or panelists.

Classroom Style has four people seated at each table, which leaves enough elbowroom for all. Five at a table is possible if you are cramped for space but not if there is much paper work to handle.

Banquets are best arranged with round tables seating eight people each (ten at a table allows little elbow room). Long tables can be used if it's absolutely necessary to crowd in more people, but this arrangement drastically reduces the opportunity for conversation and informality.

U-Shape, for relatively small groups where all persons are expected to join in the discussion. Avoid long lines of tables, because visibility is poor from one end to the other. Chairs can also be placed on the inside of the horseshoe.

Board of Directors style is a common arrangement for small meetings. But avoid long rows, which reduce eye-to-eye communication.

Hollow Square is another small-meeting variation. Again, the main thing to watch is that your numbers aren't too large.

V-Shaped Classroom Style, with tables angled toward the front-centre, improves eye-to-eye contact between people on both sides of the room.

T-Shape is an arrangement for small full-discussion groups. Centre row can be double tables if more workspace is required.

E-Shape is a variation of the U-Shape to accommodate more people. Ample space must be allowed in the center for the movement of people. You need a surprisingly large room to accommodate this kind of layout. Although frequently used, it often results in much neck stretching (although people seated at the center tables can angle themselves towards the front of the room).
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